Signe Ratso

Deputy Director-General Directorate-General for Research and Innovation of the European Commission

Signe Ratso is also a member of the Management Board of the Directorate-General and she is Chief negotiator, responsible for negotiations of association agreements with third countries associated and future potential associated countries to the EU R&I programmes Horizon Europe and Euratom, association policy and its interlinkages with EU R&I international cooperation strategy. Signe Ratso is responsible for Open Innovation and for citizens’ engagement and social innovation in research and innovation policy. As a member of the Management Board she oversees some of the priority areas of the Commission in DG R&I. Before joining DG R&I she worked in different senior management positions in DG TRADE since 2006. Before joining the Commission she worked as Deputy Secretary General (from 1994 to 2005) at the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of the Republic of Estonia. She has two University degrees from Tartu University in Estonia. 

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