Anna Maria Fleetwood

Senior Adviser External Relations, Swedish Research Council

Anna Maria Fleetwood is Senior Adviser External Relations at the Swedish Research Council. She has nearly two decades’ experience of science communication. Her assignment includes contacts and networking with various constellations and bodies within the EU and globally. These include established networks between politicians, businesses, other government agencies, non-profit
organisations, as well as CSOs, media and the public, aimed at building long-term acceptance and understanding of higher education and research. Furthermore, to enhance evidence-based decisions, both for society at large, decisions makers and for politicians. Anna Maria lectures on science communication, and has initiated a number of successful projects, among them Forum for Science Communication, which is the largest conference in Scandinavia of its kind, with over 400 participants and international experts as speakers. She is a trained art historian and has a background as arts critic. She has written for Swedish and international periodicals, and worked as a lecturer.